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Ruby On Rails (RoR) Development Service

ACID IT can help your business reach its full potential with our Ruby on Rails application development solutions. We have over years of experience in RoR web and mobile development and an extensive understanding of the RoR framework that translates to quicker and cost-efficient completion of complex application development projects. We practice Agile Methodology and our knowledge and experience in RoR development go beyond the clean and error-free coding to include exceptional post-deployment maintenance and support. We harness the simplicity of Ruby on Rails to build dynamic, secure and profitable websites and mobile apps for your business.

The Ruby on Rails development team at ACID IT have been beacons of innovation by continuously creating innovative and world-class web applications. We have massive expertise & experience in creating a wide range of Ruby applications with the best Ruby on Rails developers in the world.

The benefits of using Ruby on Rails development technology stack includes higher cost efficiency with quick development, excellent support from open source communities with tons of additional resources.

Our experienced RoR team has expertise in all the Ruby on Rails related technologies, including the following –

  • Servers-side technologies – Rails 4.x & Rails 5.x
  • Open Source Relational DBs (MySQL, SQL, PostgreSQL)
  • NoSQL (Redis, MongoDB) database management systems
  • EventMachine and Node.js evented libraries
  • Resque and Sidekiq background workers
  • Kickass Front End Interfaces – HAML, SASS and CoffeeScript
  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • Prototype and jQuery
  • Responsive interfaces and Bootstrap
  • Backbone.js and Websockets

Why Develop on RoR ?

Develop and Deploy Cloud Apps

RoR framework is structured to develop cloud-hosted applications in a most effective ways. Various cloud hosting solutions exist which optimize themselves for RoR such as Heroku. With our expertise and the uniqueness of RoR, we provide a strong web based solutions to clients for outstanding functioning and effluent results.

Faster Development Time

RoR backed up with an exclusive MVC pattern and comes with plethora of gems which helps in developing enrich web application in a quicker span of time. Time plays a major factor in the development of RoR based web applications, this gives an extra edge to this technology over others.

Advanced Productivity

RoR brings the ease to development and rapid deployment to the users with the features like lesser codes, plethora of gems and lesser data configuration. RoR comes with templating frameworks for front end development and frameworks such as ActiveRecord for database abstraction.

Cost- Effective

The powerful RoR Framework helps in the building faster development process to obtain efficiency hence reducing cost of development with high quality and performance. You can Hire RoR Developers to take advantage of the Availability of ruby gems and other advanced features of RoR helps reduce cost making you spend the optimal amount on the development of the core application

Active and Helpful Community

RoR being Open-Source is backed by a huge community of developers and plethora of code sample and ruby gems. There’s a good chance that someone else has built something similar before, which you could reference while developing a feature required. At ACID, we ourselves have developed a library of useful code samples for reference to reduce development time on customer projects.

Architecture - Plug and Play

Ruby on Rails architecture supports developing your own building blocks for plug-and-play functionality. This distinguishes Ruby on Rails with any other technology on the market today. Plug and Play Architecture allows developers to develop reusable code components hence reducing the development cost and always having to build everything from scratch.

Why ACID InfoTech?

Agile DNA

The only way to build a great app is by ensuring that it can evolve with the marketplace. AGILE methodology lets us keep up with the latest trends and standards by allowing quick and feature-wise upgrades.

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Flexible Engagement

As a global company with many experience, we offer a high level of flexibility in our engagement models, accommodating customisation of services to suit businesses of various industries and sectors.

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In the increasingly competitive global marketplace, businesses need to ensure continual improvement to survive and thrive. You can bank on ACID IT for quick-response to all unforeseen business requirements.

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