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Social Media Marketing

Creating a strong online presence demands more than a well-optimized website. As more customers and potential customers spend their time on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Search engines are assigning more weight to content shared on these sites. Customers are also using these platforms to make brand recommendations or lodge complaints. All of that adds up to the need for companies to have a strong and active presence in this virtual arena. Acid InfoTech is here to help clients develop winning Social Media Marketing (SMM) strategies that enable them to tap into the potential these platforms provide to drive business, boost brand recognition and develop customer loyalty.

Acid InfoTech’s passionate team of professionals takes a multifaceted approach to social media marketing that enables clients to create a strong online presence. The process begins by identifying who is already saying what about a brand, its products or services so that a tailored plan can be devised. Once a strategy is in place, our skilled social media specialists can help work and manage that plan by offering different plans.

Social media platforms have become the place where word of mouth advertising is shared in today’s online age. Acid InfoTech’s team of capable social media specialists is here to help companies develop their presence in this arena so that they may reap the rewards.

Ignite Online Visibility

Social Media Engagement

Engagement through promotions, conversations, quizzes and other avenues helps build loyalty while growing an audience. This, in turn, boosts brand recognition, which can translate to bottom line growth.

Community Management

Building a strong online community helps boost brands. We’re here to help clients gain followers and keep them.

Competitive Ad Campaigns

Do more with social media with competitive advertising campaigns. Your social media specialist develops your custom ad campaign following audience research and discussions with your team on your company’s goals. For an aggressive ad strategy, try our social media advertising services.

Paid Social Media Advertising

Advertising on social media platforms can build brands and audiences alike. Our team is here to create strategies that make advertising dollars pay off for clients.

Custom Images

Capture the attention of users on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more with custom images for your social media posts. Your dedicated social media specialist, in coordination with our  design team, compiles customized images to maximize the impact of your social media posts.

Transparent Monthly Reports

Get a monthly report on the performance of your social media strategy . In your monthly consultation, your dedicated social media specialist will review this report with you and make it available for your team to access afterward. All our reports are 100 percent transparent.

Reasons to Invest in a professional SMM

High User Reach

3.48 billion people use social media every day.Facebook alone boasts more than one billion daily users, demonstrating the critical  role of social media in a person’s day-to-day life.

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Build Brand Awarness

Social media is an excellent channel for building brand awareness. With ads and posts, you can establish a relationship with followers, which can eventually move them to purchase your product or service.

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Customer Loyalty

Users that follow a brand on social media are loyal to it.  With an active social media account, you not only get to interact with shoppers but also maximize their loyalty to your company.

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Social Media Marketing That Drives Results !
Let's drive success together.