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Corporate Social Responsibility

Responsibility to Better the Area we operate in.
At Acid InfoTech, we believe in improving the area that we operate in – both economically and environmentally.
We strive to achieve this by actively sponsoring and taking part in causes that will make a difference – be it clean-ups, cures or charity.
These values make up the core of our Corporate Culture.
We routinely encourage and motivate our employees to participate in such activities and this is actively considered as part of their job appraisal.
If you are an organization that specializes in undertaking charitable or environmental activities, you are urged to contact us – we’d love to help out!



How can we help you?

ACID IT crafts and develops premier world class services pertaining to the Web and Mobile and all our services can be easily applied in an extensive spectrum of industries around the globe.

Once the project got underway, I immediately realized that they did a brilliant job of taking our ideas in the creative phase and implementing them throughout the development. My team and I have enjoyed our relationship with Acid InfoTech from the onset and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone – which is why we have signed a long-term MOU to work together!

Abdulla Al Naneesh
Vice President, Bank ABC, Bahrain

Always happy to hear your ideas, needs, wishes and woes...