Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is building and managing wearable accessories and sensors to communicate with each other using smart devices. Common examples of wearable techs are fitness trackers, smartwatches, medical sensors, Google glass, etc. These wearable devices communicate with smartphones in real-time.

We can build both mobile applications and web components for the wearable technology platform. We work with several technology partners who develop and manufacture the hardware aspects of the technology. The apps can be Android, iPhone, iPad, and Google Glass platforms. In most cases, there would be a web app platform for users to interact with the devices. Usually, user provisioning and billing happen in this cloud app.

Please check out our portfolio to review examples of wearable tech platforms we build. One of the recent projects was creating a head impact sensor for a sports health startup. We used BLE for the sensors, to real-time communicate, the cloud app, and build both Android and iOS apps for coaches, athletes, and parents.

The wearable devices can communicate with the smart phones over a number of real-time communication technologies including:
  •    Bluetooth 2.0
  •    BLE API or low energy Bluetooth
  •    RFID
  •    WiFi/WLAN or 802.11
  •    915 MHz

Also, for non-real-time communication, we can use USB or Ethernet.

We offer the ability to integrate applications with hardware to develop wearable technology. There are many challenges to overcome when developing wearable technology and Armia Systems has been able to overcome the obstacles to create this technology of the future successfully. From conceptualization, all the way to delivery, we can assist you with any of your wearable tech needs. Check out our extensive portfolio of wearable products and other applications.

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